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Welcome to the Family Tree navigation page.

This page holds navigation boxes for each branch of the Family Tree. The navigation boxes hold links to ALL the 'family tree' pages on this web site.

Navigation boxes available:

o The Family of Samuel Arnsby
o The Family of Walter Connors
o The Family of 'Lizzie Hannah'
o The Family of Robert Arnsby (ca 1795)
o The Uppingham Arnsby's
o Samuel Arnsby Circa 1752
o The Family of Lot Arnsby
o The Family of George Bates Arnsby
o The Oklahoma Arnsby's
o The Family of Elizabeth Arnsby 1776

The family tree is a work in progress; some of the navigation boxes indicate things to come and are not functioning now.

How / why are branches named after one individual?

While researching the family tree, we would refer to a branch by the name of one person in that tree, often a unique name or perhaps the name at the person at the top of that particular tree.

'Lizzie Hannah Arnsby' is an uncommon and unforgettable name :-) 'Lizzie Hannah' is not the top of her family tree but her name was so unique that we referred to that branch of the family tree as the 'Lizzie Hannah' branch.

How do we navigate this web site?

If you are looking for information about the family tree of John Bredwell Arnsby or George Bates Arnsby or Samuel Arnsby ca 1793.... the links are the navigation boxes below.

The navigation box for each Arnsby Family tree branch will be appear on every page for that branch - you can navigate the entire 'Lizzie Hannah' branch without having to return to this main family tree navigation page.

When you want to search another branch of the family tree, click on the 'Family Tree' navigation text at the top or bottom of each page and you will return to this main page where you can select another navigation box.


Corporal Edmund Arnsby, son of Samuel Arnsby, brother of Henry Alfred Arnsby
Cpl Edmund Arnsby

Samuel Arnsby & Charlotte Lloyd

Samuel & Charlotte
1959 - Is this when Samuel died?

Their children:

Henry Alfred Arnsby
Edmund Arnsby
Samuel Robert Arnsby
Charlotte 'Sophia' Rebecca Arnsby

Henry Arnsby & Jemima Yarlett

Henry & Jemima's family
    The Yarlett Family
Henry's Military Career

Their children:

Edmund Arnsby & Elizabeth Oglesby

Their children:

Lizzie Arnsby & James Ford

The Ford Family

'Ned' Arnsby & Margaret Coughlan

Their children:

Margaret's father - Cornelius Coughlan

Cornelius Coughlan

'Ned' Arnsby & Grace Mullen

Their children:

Cyril Edmund Arnsby

'Con' Arnsby & Marguerite Connor

Their children:

'Sophie' Arnsby & William Phillips

'Bob' Arnsby & Delia Connors

The Arnsby Eleven

Headstone - Samuel and Elizabeth Arnsby, Deene, England
Samuel Arnsby
Circa 1752

Samuel Arnsby

Samuel's Family

  • Samuel Arnsby
  • Thomas Arnsby
  • Elizabeth Arnsby
  • Laetitia Arnsby
Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
Georges Bates Arnsby

George Bates Arnsby

Pte Cecil Catlin Arnsby 1898-1918
The Uppingham Arnsby's

Edward & Alice's Children:

John & Ann's Children

John & Jane Children:

Robert & Susanna's Children:

Samuel & Elizabeth's Children:

Maud Mary's Children

Robert Douglas's Children

Edward & Ellen's Children

Robert and Elizabeth (Starsmore) Arnsby
Robert Arnsby
Circa 1795

Robert & Elizabeth
(Starsmore) Arnsby

Robert & Elizabeth's family:

Elizabeth & John Collyer's family:

  • Elizabeth Collyer
  • John Arnsby Collyer
  • Arnsby Colllyer
  • Hannah Collyer

John & Sarah (Warwick) Arnsby

  • Lizzie Julia Arnsby
  • Robert Arnsby
  • Arthur Arnsby
  • William Walter Arnsby
  • Jessie Harriet Arnsby
  • Frederick Arnsby
  • Frank Warwick Arnsby
  • Henry L. Arnsby
  • Mabel Louisa S. Arnsby

Walter Connors
Sgt Walter Connors
The Connors Family

Walter Connors
Walter Connors Medals
Walter Connors Family Tree

Walter and Mary's Children:

Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of Lot Arnsby

Lot's Ancestors
Lot's Descendants
Lot's Family


Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of
Lizzie Hannah Arnsby

John Arnsby circa 1739

John's Children:

Mary Anne's Children:

Solomon's* Children:
  • Martha Rawson
    (John Arnsby's wife)
  • William Rawson
  • John Rawson
  • Mary Anne Rawson
  • Elizabeth Rawson
  • Hannah Rawson
  • Sarah Jane Rawson
  • Charles Rawson
William & Alice's Children:

John & Martha's Children:

Alice & Edward's Children:

Lizzie & George's Children:
  • George Arnsby Hay
  • James Sidney Hay
  • Albert Hay
  • William Hay
  • Leonard Hay
  • Leslie Hay
  • Arthur Douglas Hay

John & Annie's Children:

John Arnsby

John & Betty's Children:

Lynda Arnsby

Additional info:

About Brigstock and Whittlesey

Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
Oklahoma Arnsby


Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
Elizabeth Arnsby
Circa 1776

Elizabeth's Arnsby

Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of Lot Arnsby

Lot's Ancestors
Lot's Descendants
Lot's Family



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