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Walter Connors
Sgt Walter Connors
The Connors Family

Walter Connors
Walter Connors Medals
Walter Connors Family Tree

Walter and Mary's Children:

Alfred John Connors

Born: 1883 *
Died: 1901 (registered in the 1st quarter)
At: Woolwich, Greater London, Kent, London, England

*possible birth record for Alfred Connors found in 1883, registered in the 3rd quarter at St. Giles, London, Middlesex, England.

  About name

Alfred died at the age of 19. His sister Delia's (Mary Anne) son who was named Robert Alfred Arnsby also died at the age of 19.

  Pictures for name
Alfred Arnsby 1883-1902 Alfred with his sister 'Delia' (Mary Anne Connors)
Alfred John Connors
Alfred John pictured with his sister Delia Connor Arnsby.

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