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Walter Connors
Sgt Walter Connors
The Connors Family

Walter Connors
Walter Connors Medals
Walter Connors Family Tree

Walter and Mary's Children:

Frances Connors

Born: July 12, 1884
At: Galway, Ireland
Died: June18, 1947
At: St. Anthony's Hospital, Cheam, Surrey, England

Sister Dunstan

Entered: St. Philomena's Convent, Carshalton, England on October 1, 1918
Received the Habit as a Lay Sister: April 11, 1919
Made her First Profession: April 13, 1920
Perpetual Profession: August 17, 1826

  About Frances Connors - Sister Dunstan




  Pictures for Frances Connors - Sister Dunstan
Frances Connors - Sister Dunstan Frances Connors
Frances Connors - Sister Dunstan with her sister 'Delia' (Mary Anne Connors) Arnsby
Frances Connors
Circa 1919
Sister Dunstan with sister Delia Connors Arnsby circa 1923

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