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We'd love to hear from you, add your comments to our Guestbook.

We love to hear from you, please feel free to contact us, either directly via e-mail or leave your comments in our Guestbook. How do you like the site?
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Let us know. The family tree work is a much loved hobby for us. To add your comments to the Guestbook, click on the picture to the left :-)Many thanks!


Beautiful Ontario
New Zealand
South Africa

Links to a few sites you may find interesting:


The Wedding

Our Military History

The Woodenbridge Hotel

Arnsby's in the 1901 British Census

Annie Arnsby and Arthur Frederick Hopper

More Arnsby's listed in The London Archives

Arnsby's listed on the Rootsweb Free Birth, Death, Marriage site
***info updated August 8, 2003***

Arnsby's listed on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site

Military Heritage Tours
ret'd Capt. Donal Buckley

Web site with information about:
The Royal Hibernian Military School
The Duke of York's Royal Military School

Keith Shelvey's web site:
The War Memorials of Rutland

Cyndi's List

Proudly Canadian

United Kingdom
Northern Ireland
St. George - England

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