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Hi Liz Quote of the day I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.
Mike Arnsby -

Hi! Liz alway's a great pleasure to hear from you !!!!
George Bates Arnsby
UK -

To all of you who have worked so hard I want to thank you so very much. It is a pleasure every time I visit. I especially enjoy the photos and the moms page. Y ou've done a great job!
Lisa Kimball
Warren, Michigan U.S. -

Best wishes from the West of Ireland. I hope as many of you as possible will visit Westport, Co. Mayo for the dedication of the grave of Cornelius Coughlan VC on 07 Aug 2004! Please visit my website for further information.
Capt Donal Buckley
Military Heritage Tours
Castlebar, Co. Mayo Ireland -

I find it hard to express in writing how i feel about the info that you have put together. FANTASTIC
Jerry Arnsby
Toronto, Ont. Canada -

Hi Liz, great website, always to hear from you
Colin Worley
The Worley Family Tree
UK -

Just back after 3 years in Mexico on an expat assignment. I miss the weather but it is back to Hockey. Any family members with hockey players please stay in touch. We may be coming to a tournament in your area soon.
Todd E. Arnsby
Troy, Michigan US -

Good to see so many Arnsbys around. Am I the only Thomasina?
Thomasina Crockford{Arnsby}
Longfield, Kent England -

My first visit. I found it most interesting.
Peter J. Arnsby
London, On. Can. -

I am looking for assistance in generating TV coverage for the dedication of the grave of Sgt Maj Coughlan VC on Aug 7. If anybody out there can help please let me know.

This dedication is so important on many levels. Number 1 of course is your family history. However in the context of the Peace Proces in Ireland and community relations in Ireland, this will be a historical day.

This will be the first time ever that the Irish Government dedicates the Irish grave of a warrior that served in the British Army. This may not seem so unusual but believe me, in the context of Anglo Irish relations it will be a first. The significance of this gesture runs very, very deep indeed. It sends a message to our Unionist brothers that is profound.

Please help to generate maximum publicity for this unique and historic occasion.

Thank you.
Capt Donal Buckley
Military Heitage Tours
Castlebar, Co. Mayo Ireland -

Editors Note:

For more infomation, see Newsletter #8 and the Cornelius Coughlan page.

Newsletter #8

Newsletter #9 (Dedicated to the event)

Cornelius Coughlan page

My father in law is the son of Henry James Ford who is the son of James Brickell Lewis Ford. I have been researching the Ford family tree for several years. We are amazed to find your web site with photos we all recognise. I have a great deal of information on the Ford family for you. I am very pleased to see all the info on the Arnsby's, of which We know very little. I would be very pleased if you would get in touch.

Linda Ford
Cambridge, England -

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