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Corporal Edmund Arnsby, son of Samuel Arnsby, brother of Henry Alfred Arnsby
Cpl Edmund Arnsby

Samuel Arnsby & Charlotte Lloyd

Samuel & Charlotte
1859 - Is this when Samuel died?

Their children:

Henry Alfred Arnsby
Edmund Arnsby
Samuel Robert Arnsby
Charlotte 'Sophia' Rebecca Arnsby

Henry Arnsby & Jemima Yarlett

Henry & Jemima's family
    The Yarlett Family
Henry's Military Career

Their children:

Edmund Arnsby & Elizabeth Oglesby

Their children:

Lizzie Arnsby & James Ford

The Ford Family

'Ned' Arnsby & Margaret Coughlan

Their children:

Margaret's father - Cornelius Coughlan

Cornelius Coughlan

'Ned' Arnsby & Grace Mullen

Their children:

Cyril Edmund Arnsby

'Con' Arnsby & Marguerite Connor

Their children:

'Sophie' Arnsby & William Phillips

'Bob' Arnsby & Delia Connors

The Arnsby Eleven

Charlotte Rebecca Sophia Arnsby

Known as : Sophia
Born: September 5, 1836
At: Shoreditch, Middlesex, England
Christened: October 12, 1836
At: St. John the Baptist, Shoreditch, London, England

Married: October 11, 1865
At: Holy Trinity, Portsea, Southampton, England

Spouse: Joseph Henry Miles

Died: <1881 (Charlotte was a Widow at the time of the 1881 Census.)
* Possible Death found registered: June 1878 at St. Olave Age 48 (1d 186)
Occupation: Soldier - Royal Irish Fusiliers, 87th Regt. then a Customs Officer at London Bridge

Father: Jonathan Miles
*Possible Death found registered: Mar 1874 Bedford Age 64 (3b 206)
Occupation: Market Gardener


About Charlotte Sophia Rebecca Arnsby and Joseph Henry Miles


We know from the 1841 Census that at the age of 4 Sophia was living on Moneyers Street, St. Leonards Shoreditch, Middlesex, England with her parents Samuel and Charlotte and her two older brothers, Henry age 13 and Edmund age 9.

After the death of her mother on January 9, 1865, Charlotte went to live with her brother Edmund and his wife Elizabeth who had just had their second daughter Mary Ann in May of 1865.

Edmund was a soldier with the 87th Regiment, Royal Irish Fusiliers and before 1865 ended, Charlotte was to marry Joseph Henry Miles, also with the 87th Regiment.

Edmund was to die at age 44 leaving small children. It is unclear what happened next, Edmunds wife Elizabeth may have been unwell or unable to cope on her own with five young children. Their two sons were raised at the Royal Hibernian School in Ireland, a school for the orphans of Military Personel.

Where the daughters went to live is unclear. One account has them being placed in a Convent. Another account has them raised by their Aunt Charlotte.

Perhaps the truth is somewhere in between, on the 1881 British Census, we find Charlotte, a Widow, living at 157 Lynton Road, Bermondsey, England with two of her nieces, Elizabeth Charlotte and Mary Ann. No trace of Bridget Sophia was found on the 1881 Census.

We have a date of death for Edmund's wife Elizabeth as circa 1890 at the age of 52. No record of Elizabeth was found on the 1881 Census.


Pictures for Charlotte Sophia Rebecca Arnsby
1841 British Census
The 1851 British Census
Marriage Certificate for Charlotte and Joseph


The Witnesses - Can you decipher the names???

1841 British Census
1851 British Census
Marriage Certificate

The Witnesses

James ?
Eliza Gascoigne

Can you decipher the last name of James?

Please share :-)


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