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Corporal Edmund Arnsby, son of Samuel Arnsby, brother of Henry Alfred Arnsby
Cpl Edmund Arnsby

Samuel Arnsby & Charlotte Lloyd

Samuel & Charlotte
1859 - Is this when Samuel died?

Their children:

Henry Alfred Arnsby
Edmund Arnsby
Samuel Robert Arnsby
Charlotte 'Sophia' Rebecca Arnsby

Henry Arnsby & Jemima Yarlett

Henry & Jemima's family
    The Yarlett Family
Henry's Military Career

Their children:

Edmund Arnsby & Elizabeth Oglesby

Their children:

Lizzie Arnsby & James Ford

The Ford Family

'Ned' Arnsby & Margaret Coughlan

Their children:

Margaret's father - Cornelius Coughlan

Cornelius Coughlan

'Ned' Arnsby & Grace Mullen

Their children:

Cyril Edmund Arnsby

'Con' Arnsby & Marguerite Connor

Their children:

'Sophie' Arnsby & William Phillips

'Bob' Arnsby & Delia Connors

The Arnsby Eleven

The Family of Henry Alfred and Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby


For over a year we have had a GEDCOM file on the Rootsweb site. The GEDCOM file was of our family tree, our ancestors, Samuel and Charlotte (Lloyd) Arnsby.

In April of 2001, we had our first response to the web site!! We received an e-mail from Peter Roe, great grandson of Frances Yarlett, sister of Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby, wife of Henry Alfred Arnsby, eldest son of Samuel and Charlotte (Lloyd) Arnsby.

We have been sharing information with Peter and he has e-mailed us two pictures of this branch of the family tree. This is amazing because we had no pictures of this family!!! Thank you Peter.

We were anxous to get the pictures online for you to see, so we have posted a brief family history, names and dates only. We will be posting a more complete history of this branch of the family tree.

Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby, her children and sister, circa 1887


Circa 1887

Widow Jemima Yarlett, her sister Frances Yarlett, surrounded by Henry Alfred and Jemima's children. From left to right; 'Ted' Edmund Arnsby, Frances Yarlett (seated, Jemima's sister), Frances Arnsby, Horace Arnsby, Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby (seated), Emily Arnsby, Frederick Charles Arnsby (age 17)

Pictures for the Yarlett family
1887 Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby

Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby - Age 56

Born: ca. 1831
September 1913

Emily Charlotte Arnsby

Emily Charlotte Arnsby - Age 31


Frances Arnsby

Frances Arnsby - Age 18

Born: 1869
Died: January 15, 1896

Frederick Charles Arnsby

Frederick Charles Arnsby - Age 15

Born: August 22, 1872
Died: December 13, 1955

Horace Arnsby

Horace Arnsby - Age 14

Born: November 1873
July 1925

'Ted' Edmund Henry Arnsby

'Ted' Edmund Henry Arnsby - Age11

Born: 1876
Died: April 1933

Frances Yarlett - Jemima (Yarlett) Arnsby's sister

Frances Yarlett - Age 51

Born: 1836


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