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Corporal Edmund Arnsby, son of Samuel Arnsby, brother of Henry Alfred Arnsby
Cpl Edmund Arnsby

Samuel Arnsby & Charlotte Lloyd

Samuel & Charlotte
1859 - Is this when Samuel died?

Their children:

Henry Alfred Arnsby
Edmund Arnsby
Samuel Robert Arnsby
Charlotte 'Sophia' Rebecca Arnsby

Henry Arnsby & Jemima Yarlett

Henry & Jemima's family
    The Yarlett Family
Henry's Military Career

Their children:

Edmund Arnsby & Elizabeth Oglesby

Their children:

Lizzie Arnsby & James Ford

The Ford Family

'Ned' Arnsby & Margaret Coughlan

Their children:

Margaret's father - Cornelius Coughlan

Cornelius Coughlan

'Ned' Arnsby & Grace Mullen

Their children:

Cyril Edmund Arnsby

'Con' Arnsby & Marguerite Connor

Their children:

'Sophie' Arnsby & William Phillips

'Bob' Arnsby & Delia Connors

The Arnsby Eleven

Edmund Arnsby

Edmund Arnsby
Known as: Ned
Born: April 21, 1867
At: Gibralter 
Died: April 1939
At: London, England Regiment: Connaught Rangers

Rank: Colour Sgt.
Regiment: 7th Yorkshire Regiment
Rank: Lt., Colour Sgt.
Occupation: WWI - 1914-1918 - Lt. - Quarter Master - 7th Yorkshire Regiment.Civil Sevant - Revenue Department

Married: December 1892
At: Westport, Galway, Ireland

Spouse: Margaret Coughlan

Galway. Ireland
Died: February 12, 1910
At: London, England

Father: Cornelius Coughlan (Recipient of the Victoria Cross)
Born: June 1828 - February 14, 1915
Grandfather: Edward Coghlan
Grandmother: Catherine


'Lizzie' Elizabeth Gertrude Arnsby
'Maude' Margaret Arnsby
Con' Cornelius Coughlan Edmund Arnsby
'Ted' Albert Edward Arnsby
Robert Henry Arnsby
Charles Frederick Arnsby

Married: July 1910

Spouse: Caroline Grace Mullen

Known As: Grace
Born: February 5, 1890
At: Larkfield, Kent, England


Cyril Edmund Arnsby

About Edmund Arnsby


Edmund and his brother Robert Henry Arnsby were sent to the Royal Hibernian School as boys upon the death of their father.

We would like to Thank Mr. Peter Goble for the information below and for his work recording the data from the Royal Hibernian Military School Admissios Ledgers.

The information below, has been extracted from WO143/27 Boys index 1830-1918 and WO143-78 a nominal roll of boys at the Royal Military Asylum.

1847 1880. Entries common to both ledgers have been corrected to those in WO143-78, this I consider is a Master Document, which commenced on the 1st Jan 1847 .

Petition Number
Page in Chronological Ledger (Lost)
Boy ARNSBY Edward
Company 2
Company Number 2
Born  21/04/1867
Admitted  17/07/1877
Admitted aged  10yrs 3months
Height  3ft 11 inches
Weight 3st 8lbs (50lbs)
Chest measurement 23 inches
Religion of boy RC
Father EC
Mother EC
Class 2
Division in school First
Good Conduct Stripes Four
Rank achieved Corporal
Musical training Drums & Fife
Instrument Bugle
Trade Training
Reached the age of 14 21/04/1881
Discharge to 38th Regt of Foot
Date of discharge 31/07/1882
Age at discharge 15 years 3 months 10 days

Stay at the RHMS for 5 year and 14 days.

NB. The religion is correct for Edward; different to that of his parents,perhaps they were led towards the RC faith. The info covers the time that Edward was at the RHMS. Height and weight were as at the time of admission.

Although we are fortunate to have so many treasured family pictures, we have never found a photograph of Ned or his brother 'Bob' Robert Henry that was taken when they were at the Royal Hibernian Military School - we had no idea how the brothers would have looked in their uniform.

Thank you again to Mr. Peter Goble for putting us in contact with Mr. Michael Russell.

Michael Russell's family military history is similar to our families military history including two brothers who attended Royal Military Schools.

Michael Russell has a picture of his ancestor in the uniform of the Royal Hibernian Military School, Dublin, and has given us permission to show that picture here. Our thanks and appreciation to Mike Russell for allowing us to show you this picture. Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger version.


Henry George McNally in the uniform of the Royal Hibernian Military School.
Henry George McNally
in the uniform of the
Royal Hibernian Military School

For more information about The Royal Hibernian Military School.

'Ned' joined the 3rd Battalion of the 88th Regiment, Connaught Rangers at age 15 in on July 31, 1882.

Later Colour Sgt. 1914-1918-Lieutenant Quarter Master The Yorkshire Regiment

Circa WWI address - 45 Oldridge Road, Balham SW, England

Pictures for Elizabeth Gertrude Arnsby and Jack Donnelly
'Ned' Edmund Arnsby
Grace with her son Cyril Edmund Arnsby circa 1912
Letter from 'Ned' Edmund Henry Arnsby regarding his son Robert Henry Arnsby
The Royal Hibernian Military School Admissions Ledger
Circa 1930
Circa 1912
Cyril Edmund Arnsby and his mother, 'Ned's' second wife, Caroline 'Grace' (Mullen) Arnsby
January 23, 1914
The Letter
January 27, 1915 and Edmund resigns his commission.
Ned Arnsby with son Robert Henry, 2nd wife Grace, son Ted and family friend
Cousin Nell, Ted, Step Mother Grace, Robert Henry
Grace at Cloverly, Devon, England
The London Gazette, 26 January, 1915
Dated 27th January,
Temporary Quartermaster and Honorary Lieutenant Edmund Arnsby relinquishes his commission. Dated 27th January, 1915.
Left to Right:
'Ned' Edmund Arnsby
Son, Drum Major Robert Henry Arnsby
2nd wife, Caroline 'Grace' (Mullen) Arnsby
Son, 'Ted' Albert Edward Arnsby
A Family Friend

Left to Right:
Cousin, Nell
'Ted' Albert Edward Arnsby
Step Mother, Caroline 'Grace' (Mullen) Arnsby
Robert Henry Arnsby


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