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Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of
Lizzie Hannah Arnsby

John Arnsby circa 1739

John's Children:

Mary Anne's Children:

Solomon's* Children:
  • Martha Rawson
    (John Arnsby's wife)
  • William Rawson
  • John Rawson
  • Mary Anne Rawson
  • Elizabeth Rawson
  • Hannah Rawson
  • Sarah Jane Rawson
  • Charles Rawson
William & Alice's Children:

John & Martha's Children:

Alice & Edward's Children:

Lizzie & George's Children:
  • George Arnsby Hay
  • James Sidney Hay
  • Albert Hay
  • William Hay
  • Leonard Hay
  • Leslie Hay
  • Arthur Douglas Hay

John & Annie's Children:

John Arnsby

John & Betty's Children:

Lynda Arnsby

Additional info:

About Brigstock and Whittlesey

Albert Hay

Known as: Bert
December 6, 1900
Cambridge, England
May 17, 1978

Occupation: Operated a Taxi Service, 1947 owned 'Bert's Lunch' Restaurant, 1958 owned and operated 'Bert's Variety Book Store' at several location.
Hobbies: Trains, Travel cars, Model Railroading


Spouse: Gertrude Kraemer
Known as:


Barbara Hay
Ronald Hay
Robert Hay
Thomas Hay
Joan Hay
Catherine Hay

About 'Bert' Hay

The family came to Canada in 1905.

The Hay family homesteaded in the Hathersage School District just north of Rochfort Bridge. Bert Hay was a well-known resident of Edmonton where he operated a Taxi service for many years from the Corona Hotel.

In 1947, he opened a popular twenty-four hour restaurant on Whyte Avenue called 'Bert's Lunch'. Eleven years later he owned and operated 'Bert's Variety Book Store' at several locations throughout Edmonton.

Gifted with a wonderful sense of humour, he loved to share stories with family, friends, and customers. He loved trains, travel cars, and model railroading.

Pictures for 'Bert' Hay
Obituary for Bert
Obituary - Bert

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