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Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of
Lizzie Hannah Arnsby

John Arnsby circa 1739

John's Children:

Mary Anne's Children:

Solomon's* Children:
  • Martha Rawson
    (John Arnsby's wife)
  • William Rawson
  • John Rawson
  • Mary Anne Rawson
  • Elizabeth Rawson
  • Hannah Rawson
  • Sarah Jane Rawson
  • Charles Rawson
William & Alice's Children:

John & Martha's Children:

Alice & Edward's Children:

Lizzie & George's Children:
  • George Arnsby Hay
  • James Sidney Hay
  • Albert Hay
  • William Hay
  • Leonard Hay
  • Leslie Hay
  • Arthur Douglas Hay

John & Annie's Children:

John Arnsby

John & Betty's Children:

Lynda Arnsby

Additional info:

About Brigstock and Whittlesey

Brigstock, Northampton, England

Photo's by Linda Arnsby Patrick
July 6, 2000

Main Street, Brigstock, England 2000
Market, Brigstock, England 2000
St. Andrews Parish Church, Brigstock, England
St. Andrews Parish Church
Summer Saturday
Brigstock Main Street
Summer Saturday
Brigstock Market
The Parish Church of St. Andrews
The Parish Church of St. Andrews
Whittlesey, England
St. Mary's Church, Whittlesey, England
Map of Whittlesey, England
St. Mary's Church
Map of Whittlesey
Arnsby's in Brigstock
Name Date Age Occupation Event Relationship Spouse
John Arnsby Sat, Oct 29, 1816 50 D
John Arnsby Sun, Jan 31, 1819 30 D
Solomon Rawson Tue, Jul 11, 1820 B son of Mary Anne Arnsby
George Smith Wed, Oct 17, 1821 M Witness, Robert Arnsby Martha Arnsby
Robert Arnsby Fri, Feb 20, 1824 M Elizabeth Starsmore
Solomon Rawson Wed, Sep 8, 1824 M Mary Arnsby
William Arnsby Mon, Oct 27, 1834 M Alice Petitt
John Arnsby Sun, Nov 1, 1835 Labourer B Son of William and Alice Arnsby
Robert Arnsby Sun, Jul 7, 1839 Labourer B Son of William and Alice Arnsby
William Arnsby Wed, Sep 28, 1842 36 D
Mary Arnsby Wed, Mar 29, 1843 75 D

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