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Lizzie Hannah Arnsby
The Family of
Lizzie Hannah Arnsby

John Arnsby circa 1739

John's Children:

Mary Anne's Children:

Solomon's* Children:
  • Martha Rawson
    (John Arnsby's wife)
  • William Rawson
  • John Rawson
  • Mary Anne Rawson
  • Elizabeth Rawson
  • Hannah Rawson
  • Sarah Jane Rawson
  • Charles Rawson
William & Alice's Children:

John & Martha's Children:

Alice & Edward's Children:

Lizzie & George's Children:
  • George Arnsby Hay
  • James Sidney Hay
  • Albert Hay
  • William Hay
  • Leonard Hay
  • Leslie Hay
  • Arthur Douglas Hay

John & Annie's Children:

John Arnsby

John & Betty's Children:

Lynda Arnsby

Additional info:

About Brigstock and Whittlesey

John Arnsby



Spouse: Harriet Elizabeth Davies
Known as:


Lynda Arnsby

About John and Betty Arnsby




Pictures for John and Betty Arnsby
John Arnsby, son of John Ernest William Arnsby and father of Lynda Arnsby
Betty Arnsby, mother of Lynda Arnsby
Wedding picture, Lynda Arnsby and Graham Keith Dandy with Lynda's parents, Betty and John Arnsby, September 1, 1973
September 1, 1973
John Arnsby

September 1, 1973
Betty Arnsby

September 1, 1973
Betty, new son in law Graham Keith Dandy with his bride Lynda and her father John Arnsby


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