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Pte Cecil Catlin Arnsby 1898-1918
The Uppingham Arnsby's

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Edward & Ellen's Children

John and Ann Arnsby

circa 1794
At: Corby, Northampshire, England
Occupation: Drover (1841 Census), Bush Drover (1851 Census)


Spouse: Ann

Born: 1801


William Arnsby (1828-)
Thomas Arnsby (1830-)
John Arnsby (1831-1831)
John Arnsby (1832-1903)
Robert Arnsby (1832-1898)
Samuel Arnsby (1838-1838)

About John and Ann Arnsby

On the 1841 Census, listed as living at High St., Uppingham, Rutland and John was born in the same County.

On the 1851 Census, listed as living at 51 Gate Inn, Village of Brisbrooke, age 57, which would place his birth year at 1794.

At the time of the 1851 Census, two visitors were staying with the family:

Hannah Seaton, age 50, born in Ketton, Rutland and her daughter, Mary, age 7, born in Thorpe.

Pictures for John and Ann Arnsby

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