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Robert and Elizabeth (Starsmore) Arnsby
Robert Arnsby
Circa 1795

Robert & Elizabeth
(Starsmore) Arnsby

Robert & Elizabeth's family:

Elizabeth & John Collyer's family:

  • Elizabeth Collyer
  • John Arnsby Collyer
  • Arnsby Colllyer
  • Hannah Collyer

John & Sarah (Warwick) Arnsby

  • Lizzie Julia Arnsby
  • Robert Arnsby
  • Arthur Arnsby
  • William Walter Arnsby
  • Jessie Harriet Arnsby
  • Frederick Arnsby
  • Frank Warwick Arnsby
  • Henry L. Arnsby
  • Mabel Louisa S. Arnsby

Elizabeth Arnsby

Born: April 24, 1824
At: Brigstock, Northamptonshire, England

Marriage: May 12, 1845
At: Prestbury, Cheshire, England

Spouse: John Collyer
Born: ca 1818
Occupation: Miner
Died: January 3, 1860
At: Yarwell, Northamptonshire, England
Cause of death: Consumption


Elizabeth Collyer (circa 1845 - ? )
John Arnsby Collyer (March 7, 1850 - ? )
Arnsby Collyer (July 16, 1852 - ? )
Hannah Collyer (circa 1856 - 1868)

Marriage: December 4, 1866
At: Yarwell, Northamptonshire, England

John Collyer's father: William Collyer
Father's occupation: Cordwainer

Spouse: Richard Carter

Born: ca 1825
At: Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England
Occupation: 1861 Agricultural Labourer, 1871 Labourer

  About Elizabeth and John Collyer / Richard Carter

1841 England Census

Elizabeth, age 15, is living at home with father Robert Arnsby, an Agricultural Labourer and brother John, age 14.

1851 England Census

Elizabeth (Arnsby) Collyer is listed as a Miners Wife and living with her father Robert and daughter Elizabeth, age 5, a scholar, and son John, age 1.

1861 England Census

Elizabeth is listed as a widow from John Collyers and she and her children are living with her widowed father, Robert. Elizabeth's three children:

Son John Collyer, age 11, occupation Scholar.
Son Arnsby Collyer, age 8, occupation Scholar.
Daughter Hannah Collyer, age 5.

Eldest child Elizabeth Collyer is not listed.

Above the listing for Robert and Elizabeth on the 1861 Census is the record for Elizabeth's second husband, Richard Carter, a neighbour.

  Pictures for Elizabeth and John Collyer / Richard Carter
The 1841 England Census for Robert Arnsby and family The 1851 England Census for Robert Arnsby and family The 1861 England Census for Robert Arnsby and family  
1841 England Census
1851 England Census 1861 England Census  

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