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The Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter 6
Welcome to the 6th Edition of the Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter.
This Newsletter debuts on the web, the first Newsletter to debut on the web.

Two new features, a 'Births' and 'Deaths' section. These entries are only the Births and Deaths that I know about, so if I have missed an event, please forgive me. If there is any information that you would like added to this Newsletter, please contact me.

Tons of news, presented in no particular order, the last news item is as important as the first! I hope you enjoy the Newsletter
We've Moved!!!

We've Moved!!

The Family Tree web site moved to its permanent home this year:

We have 75 MB with our web host, that is enough space to let us grow (for a little while anyway)!

The web site began last January and the site has grown a lot in its first year. Still LOTS to add, history, pictures.....just need time.

Fall 2001 and I completed another web design class. I am anxious to implement the new things that I have learned.

Meantime, please visit the site, the history and pictures on the site is fascinating. New pages will be added, so keep popping back to the site to check it out.
Births - Welcome to the world little ones

Welcome to the world little ones......

February 2001

Mackenzie Jean Arnsby

Lucas Daniel Guy

April 2001

Cody James Arnsby

May 2001

Mathew Downie



Anita (Otis) Arnsby

- 2001

Ivy May Arnsby

1903 - 2001

Who is Jane Arnsby???
Jane Arnsby in a Suit, who is Jane Arnsby???
Who is Jane Arnsby??
While searching, I found an entry on the web for a Jane Arnsby. The web site featured two pictures. We have no idea who Jane is or what branch of the Arnsby family she connects to. The hat image was taken in 1958, the dress image taken in 1963. Both pictures were taken in London, England.

Does anyone know who Jane Arnsby is???

(Click on the little image above and you will see a large image that includes info included with the photographs file. Larger size, this may take a second or two to load.)

Do you know anything about Arnsby Cottage or Arnsby Road???

Arnsby Cottage and Arnsby Road
Found in England, an 'Arnsby Cottage' and an 'Arnsby Road'. (I don't think Arnsby Cottage is on Arnsby Road :-)

If anyone has any information regarding any of these places, please contact us. How did they get their names? Any and all history behind either Arnsby Cottage or Arnsby Road, greatly appreciated.


Hollie's Search

Click here to read about Hollie Search

Wow!!! Hollie's Search

Suddenly, the world became a lot smaller....

the world became a lot smaller.....

Click here to read all about it!


Since this incredible discovery my life has been swamped with work and school. As eager as I was to tell the world about our latest find, it would have to wait. My Fall class ended December 20th, the next days were spent organizing and celebrating Christmas. My first day off was December 27th, and I was eager to begin the Newsletter. It was not to be, I was sick in bed with a cold for the next two days :-(

It is now almost New Years and this Newsletter has finally debuted. I hope everyone enjoys reading the Newsletter and the visit to the Family Tree site



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