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The Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter 4
December 1999
A New Computer!!!!

Fall of 1998 and we have upgraded our computer, from an old Mac Plus to a new iMac, there is a lot to learn!

Our new computer is incredible. It took a bit of time to learn all the new programmes and the internet and e-mail but what a wonderful journey.

Being online allows us to contact all the Arnsby's already online, great fun.

This is our first Newsletter with the new computer and is our first Newsletter that was available to be sent via e-mail.

Changes - Arnsby - The Complete List

Our new computer came with some new and more advanced Word Processing programming. After learning how to use the database portion of the programme, many hours were spent coming up with just the right format to use to convert our compiled list of research info into a searchable, sortable database.

The hours and hours of thought and discussion were worth it, our new database has columns/fields for everything.

Entering all the information is continuing work in progress, the new database now holds over 1,000 records, some dating back to the 1500's.

Well worth the effort though, once the informaton is entered into the database we are able to sort by name or date or place born or parents name, or the church they were Christened in.....amazing and very helpful.

Coming soon!!!

I got an early Christmas gift, the domain name:

As soon as we learn how to set up a web site :-))) we will be able to have the Arnsby Family Tree on line!

The domain name host has posted a 'Coming Soon' page on the site. Keep popping back, we'll have our site there someday.

Trees without roots fall over
Will Work for Genealogy Leads :-)

One of the the best sites on the internet for genealogists is a site called 'Rootsweb'.

Rootsweb has many fabulous features. One features is the ability to upload your Family Tree for everyone to see (see the note about Privacy below) and perhaps make contact with other folks researching those lines.

I have uploaded my family tree, you can see it at:

Love to hear from everyone who visits this site.

A Note About Privacy

Our family tree work is a hobby, a passion, but we are concious of everyone's right to privacy. The family tree uploaded to the Rootsweb site does not list 'Living' individuals.

One of my e-mail addresses is listed on the Rootsweb site so anyone who finds the family tree and wants more information or who wants to share information will be able to contact me.

This self imposed Privacy rule will continue on our family tree site when we have it set up. The only exception is of course the Newsletter. Names of living individual's may be mentioned however, we try and avoid last names (no not everyone is Arnsby :-) and usually restrict the location information too.

If you request that information is not posted on the Newsletter or that we post the information while obscuring names, please contact us.

E-Mail, Oh how I love it!

What a giant learning curve we have had getting the new computer and going on the internet, sooo much to learn. THE most enjoyable feature is E-Mail, I love it.

A recent news report said that only 2% of the world is currently online. The Arnsby's are very well represented! I am sure that figure is much higher for Arnsby's!

What a summer we had!

This has been an incredible summer! We have hade cousins visiting from England and our Australian cousins!

Please click on the mini pix to see the pictures and read all about it!

More First Meetings!
First meeting of Roger, Mavis, Joan, and Brian

First time meetings were not just happening here in Canada. Arnsby's in England were meeting for the first time too!

Roger and Mavis and Joan and Brian met for the first time in July of this year after it was confirmed that Roger and Joan have the same Great Grandparents!

Thank you Roger for sending us this digital picture via e-mail of your first get together. Isn't technology great?

Big 'Thank You's'

Although I am composing this Newsletter, none of this would be possible without Family Tree partners Jerry and Joanne. We would like to say some Thank You's.

Big Thank You to David and Linda and Pat and Mike and Roger and Mavis for their fabulous research, well done.

More big Thank You's to Margaret and Keith, Mary and Les, Linda and Ed, Bob and Sharon, Clinata, Charles, George, Roger and Mavis, Joan and Brian, Jan, Norma and Will and everyone who has shared their family information with us. I hope we can connect to all of you!

To Mike, Jerry's son, Thank You for letting me send files to you via e-mail as we work out the best way to do everything. Sue, you are a great editor, many thanks.

To everyone who helps us with paper and postage costs, thank you, you know this would not be possible without your help.

To everyone who has given us moral suppoart, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

the end :-)

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