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The Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter 2
Eileen Marie Arnsby

Eileen Marie Arnsby died on January 21, 1997.

The work of the Arnsby Family Tree was begun any years ago by Louise Arnsby of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Louise had some health problems and the family tree work was taken over by her Aunt, Eileen Marie Arnsby. Louise Arnsby died in 1995.

Eileen Marie Arnsby worked for many years, researching and reading and writing letters. (Without the aid of a computer and the interent!) I don't know where we would be today without her invaluable work on the family tree.

Aunt Eileen's work will live on forever.

'Arnsby' mentioned in a Movie!!!

One day my father was watching a movie that he had taped on the VCR and was surprised to hear the name 'Arnsby' spoken. He replayed the scene again and again, he did indeed hear the conversation correctly.

The name of the movie is White Lightening.

The movie opens with the murder of a young man and friend. The young man is the younger brother of Burt Reynolds character, Gator. At the time of his brothers murder, Burt is in prison. He agrees to an early release from prison, supposedly to gain evidence against some moonshiners.

Burt's characater, Gator, is determined to find his brothers murderer.

In THE scene, approximately 40 to 60 minutes into the movie, Burt as Gator, enters a cafe/restaurant with the Bo Hopkins and Jennifer Billingsley characters. There is a group of college age people sitting around a table talking.

Gator overhears their converstation and approaches. He asked if any of them go to Arnsby College?

White Lightening White Lightening

White Lightening

A Levy - Gardner - Laven Presentation
Written by William Norton
Produced by Arthur Gardner & Jules V. Levy
Directed by Joseph Sargent
Made in 1973
Colour - 101 munutes
Starring Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley, Ned Beatty, Bo Hopkins


They reply with a question, does he have someone who goes to Arnsby? This is the only scene in the movie where the name Arnsby is mentioned. It is spoken quite clearly.

Since first hearing about this , I have obtained a copy of the video, on sale in a video store.

There was a swquel to the movie White Lightening made in 1976, this movie was called 'Gator' and marked the directorial debut of Burt Reynolds.

I have yet to see this movie but others who have seen it say that there is no reference to the murdered brother orArnsby College in the sequel movie.

I have written a letter to the writer of the movie- William Norton and forwarded the letter to an agency in Hollywood. The agency have promised to forwrad the letter to Mr. Norton.

Hey!  Any stories, info, questions???

Stories?? Information?? Questions?? Please Share!

We love to share the Arnsby Family Tree information with everyone and we were wondering if there was anyting you wanted to share with us?

  • Have you ever read our beloved surname in a book or magazine?
  • Have you ever heard Arnsby spoken in a movie or play?
  • Have you ever tried Arnsby Port?

Anything you would like to share with us, we'd loved to hear from you.

Arnsby's - The Complete List

With Jerry's research and the help of devoted Arnsby's searching abroad and sending us a copes of their work, we have continued to add names to our database called 'Arnsby''s - The Complete List'. Cousin Dave and his wife Christine spent some holiday time last year researching Parish records and visiting the beautiful villages in England where Arnsby's once lived.

Always willing to share our info with interested Arnsby's. To see a sample of 'The Complete List', please click on the image below.

Sample - Arnsby's - The Complete List
Relationship Chart

How to use the Relationship Chart:

Square 1-1, your Common Ancestory.

Work down the left hand column from Square 1-1 and find your relationsip with this Common Ancestory, ie Great Grandchild.

On the top row, find the relationship to the other person, ie they are the Grandchild of the Common Ancestory.

Follow the path from Great Grandchild on the left and from Greandchild on the top row to the point where they intersect. This is your relationship; First Cousin Once Removed.

Thank You!!

Thank you very much to everyone that has sent family pictures. It's so wonderful to see the faces that go with the names. It has confirmed our belief that Arnsby's are a very handsome group of people!



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