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The Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter 1

We believe that our link to other Arnsby's will be found researching our oldest known Ancestory, Samuel Arnsby.

While searching, we have collect informaton found regarding the surname Arnsby (all spellings). If we do not connect our family, we may connect other Arnsbys together!

Arnsby's from England Visit!!!

We have had our first meeting with Arnsby's that we have been corresponding with; Margaret and Keith Arnsby are two Arnsbys in England we first contacted in July of 1995. Margaret and Keith were coming to Canada with some friends in September and fortunately we were able to all get together for a wonderful dinner and just little talk about the Arnsby Family Tree.

Margaret and Keith's visit

Database - Arnsby's - The Complete List

All the information that we collect is compiled on a database that we call 'Arnsby's - The Complete List'.

Some of the earliest recorded events are:

Marriage of Jane Arnsbie on November 27, 1561 to Richard Haward at Claycoton, England

Christening of Jhon Armsbye on January 27, 1565. Father Rychard Armsbye at St. Mary, Weston, Lincoln, England

The database now has over 700 events!!!! Aproximately 160 Marriages, 150 Births, Over 300 Christenings, a listing of over 70 Deaths as well as Census reports and Buriels.

The database is in 'Date' order and we are able to see records of Arnsby Births and Chritenings and Marriages and then the children and their Christenings!

Fascinating reading.

Samuel Arnsby Circa 1793

This is a small summery of what we knew aobut our Family Tree branch. The items listed in Italics are suspected but not proven and the items in Bold print are the exciting new info Jerry discovered.

Samuel Arnsby Family Tree

Henry Alfred Arnsby

While researching at the local Family History Centre, Jerry Arnsby, entered the most common mispelling of our beloved family name; 'Armsby' into the computer.

Pages of 'Armsby's' were listed and among them was a 'Henry Alfred Armsby'!!!

Henry Alfred Armsby/Arnsby

Flourence Ann Armsby

This new information is very exciting but there is more. Also listed, at the same church, and within three days of Henry Alfred's Christening, is the Christinening of 'Flourence Ann Armsby'!!! She was Christened on October 22, 1928.

Two babies, Christened at the same church, with three days.... What are the odds these two families not knowing or beign related to each other?

Flourence Ann Armsby

John and Elizabeth Armsby

Here is a small family tree showing what we know about John and Elizabeth Armsby.

Could John be a brother or a cousin of our Samuel?

We still have a lot of searching to do. Perhaps thru Census forms or Rent books or Church records etc we will be able to find the addresses of Samuel and Charlotte and bay son Henry and John and Elizabeth and their children. How close geographically were they? Is evidence available that may show that Samuel and Charlotte stayed with John and Elizabeth when they first came to London?

John Armsby's family

Arnesby, England

Today, we all have surnames but surnames only became important and consistant in the last century. Literacy rates were not as high as today and name of infants were legally not requred to be registered until 1837. Arnsby to Armsby is a common mistake, even today! We wonder how many more of the Armsby's on the list should be Arnsby.

From the May 1996 Family Tree magazine we learn that: 'Locative' surname based upon place name are the comonest of all. You can usually spot them by their suffixes or endings, such as: -ley, -ton, -don, - ford, -by, -ham.

Here is a small map showing you the location of Arnesby, Leicestershire, England.

Arnesby, England
The Arnsby Family Tree Research is our favourite hobby.

We will share any and all information. If you find any addtional information, please do not hesitate to write (or if you just want to say Hello! - We would love to hear from you).


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