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The Arnsby Family Tree Newsletter 3
Sister Callistus - Kathleen Cecilia Arnsby
More Sad News

This has been a very difficult time for us. In January, we lost Eileen Marie Arnsby; Eileen was the person who kept the family tree alive and growing.

On April 2, we lost Eileens youngest sister, Kathleen - Sister Callistus Arnsby. It was far too sudden and we miss her very much.

Sister Callistus role in ensuring that the family tree work continued and grew will be remembered forever.

Kathleen Cecilia Arnsby - Sister Callistus Arnsby
April 21, 1914 - April 2, 1997
Introducing Our New Family Tree Partner

Welcome Joanne :-)


The Woodenbridge Hotel

Jerry and I are delighted to announce that we now have another cousin actively working with us on the Arnsby Family Tree. Joanne (Arnsby) McGorman. Joanne was the first of us online, she has been searching and corresponding with folks online.all over the world.

Just one of Joanne's 'finds' took place this spring; it involved an old black and white photograph we have that includes Joanne and Jerry's Grandfather, Robert Henry Arnsby. The photograph features a large group of people, includes woman and children. The photograph was taken in front of the Woodenbridge Hotel. We had no idea where the Woodenbridge Hotel was.

Joanne found the Woodenbridge Hotel! It is in Ireland and is still in business today!

We still have no idea who the other folks in the picture are but knowing that the photograph was taken in Ireland may be a giant clue; Robert Henry's wife Delia Connors was born and raised in Ireland, could this be Delia's family, a family gathering???

Arnsby name mentioned in a Movie - Update!
White Lightening

On April 2, we wrote to Mr. William Norton, the gentleman who wrote the screenplay White Lightening.

On May 2, we received a reply:

I'm sorry to say I have absolutely no
idea of how the name was used in the script.
I don't remember writing it so I beliieve
that the actor or director or producer for some
reason made that name selection.

Yours very sincerely,
Bill Norton

Our next step is to contact the director, producer, and actor to see if anyone remembers the name being used. We will keep you posted.

FIRST CONTACT - Times Two!!!

On July 3rd and 4th of this year we had our first meeting with our some of our American cousins!

Bob and Elnora Arnsby. Bob, Jerry, and Joanne have the same Grandfather (my Great Grandfather) Robert Henry Arnsby.

The meeting was a first for all of us and we had a wonderful time talking about the Arnsby family tree.

The following weekend, we had brunch, with Hollie (Arnsby) and John Sarcone and their sons Brent and Dane. Hollie and her family also live in the U.S.A.

Hollie and I have the same Great Grandfather, Robert Henry Arnsby. Hollie is the daughter of Desmond Arnsby II and the neice of Bob and Elnora Arnsby!

Again, the was a first time meeting for all of us and just a little family tree talk :-)

Weise and Krohn
From the Weise and Krohn
info page
Weise and Krohn
From the Weise and Krohn
info page

Lots of folks have asked for more information about Arnsby's Port and how they might get some.

The system for ordering spirits in Canada is different than other countries so the best we can do is give you all the information that we have about Arnsby's Port and hope this will help you order it through your local Liquor Store.

A brief hsitory of the firm of Weise and Krohn was sent to Jerry in 1986. Taken for a book edited by Cremio dos Exportadores de Vinho do Porto (today the Association of Portwine Exporters) in 1948.

The firm was founded in 1865 by Theordor Wiese and Dankert Krohn, two young Norwegians who came to Portugal in search of a field in which to develop their activities, finally setting down here.

In 1906, on the death of Dankert Krohn, the business was carried on having as partners, in addition to the widow and daughters of the Founder, J. M. Gomes Feguerdo and Edmund Arnsby, a British Subject, whom had been with the Firm for some time.

J.M. Figueirdo retired in 1921 when Edmund Arnsby acquired the intereests fo the krohn family, takig no the Firm his brothe Frederick and Edmundo A. Falcao Carneiro, who had been traveller and collaborator since 1910.

Edmund died in 1933. His brother Frederick retired in 1937. At presend Edmundo Falcao Carneiro continues as head of the housewt teasisance of his son, thus safe guarding the continuity of this old Firm.

The Firm has large lodges within the Entreposto de Gaia exporting to all rts of the world, though principally to the countires of Northern Europe and France.

Three main types of Wood Port

Ruby - The most popular style in England. Dark and full. Fairly young so not over-expensive. A development of Ruby is called "Vintage character" or Vintage Style. This of same characteristics but higher quality and usually older.

Tawny - True Tawnys description of colour of wine after long ageing in wood. Old Tawny product of age and so cannot be very low prices. Can be more expensive than many Vintages but much apreciated by discerning drinkers.

White Port - Made same as Port but using white grapes. Gains colour in cask and bottle. To be well-chilled. (Red-Port should be red, not dull browish sometimes found in badly make wine.)

(Vintage Port to be drunk 18 to 20 years after vintage date but will keep much longer without har.)

Wiese & Krohn (Arnsby) Vintage years up to 1977:

1927  1934    1935   1947   1950   1952   1960   1967   1970

Types of Port available:

  • Arnsby Anos Port
  • Arnsby Dry White Port
  • Arnsby Ruby Port
  • Arnsby Tawny Port
  • Arnsby Vintage Character Port

Wiese & Krohn Sucrs Limited
Rua Serpa Pinto, 149-4400
Villa Nova De Gaia, Portugal

Tel 30 12 38
Tel 30 22 16
Telx 23820


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