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Welcome to the Arnsby Family Tree Web Site
This site is always changing; informaton and pictures added when available or found.

Many of the pictures that you see will also show you a larger image if you click on the mini picture. A large image will pop up in the center of your monitor - in most cases you can click on the picture to close the larger pop up window. When this feature is not possible, a link is provided to close the window.

If you can't find something broken, I'll make it accessible a.s.a.p.

Thank you.

This site has been designed;

  • to give you as much information as we have
  • to let you navigate easily through the web site
  • to make additions and changes to the site quickly
  • to load as quickly as possible

There are two main navigation areas on each page; at the top of each page and the text links at the bottom of each page. Clicking on either one will take you to that area of the web site.

The HOME link will always bring you back to this page, so if you get lost, come HOME.

The NEWSLETTERS link take you to a page that will tell you what is on each Newsletter and allow you to view each Newsletter. Newsletter 10 is a pdf file that is password protected, plz email me for the password.

The FAMILY TREE link will take you to the Family Tree main page. The family tree page features links to every family tree page on this web site.

The GENEALOGY section is designed to help you begin researching and record your family tree records. The page includes links to some of the best sites on the web plus a few tips and tricks.

Last but not least, the CONTACT link take you to a page that features an e-mail link; plz feel free to contact any time; love to hear from you. This page also features links to a few web sites that you may find interesting.

Don't forget to 'Bookmark' or add this page to your 'Favourites', this site will continue to grow so don't forget to come back and see what's new.



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